Southie Autonomy is changing the way people use and interact with collaborative robots, making flexible automation available to any size business and production scale. Located at MassRobotics in the Seaport, Southie is developing a novel interaction paradigm using robot AI and augmented reality and we are looking to grow the team:


Seeking 3D Perception Engineer/Scientist:

Must have:

-  Extensive knowledge and experience with camera calibration (mono, stereo, depth)

-  Expertise in 2D computer vision algorithms and techniques

- Hands-on experience using OpenCV

-  Expertise in point cloud processing algorithms (Filtering, fusion, estimation, segmentation, clustering)

- Expertise in various geometric (e.g. occupancy grids)  and symbolic representations with associated data structures

- A knack for writing real-time, closed-loop algorithms and demonstrating on-robot functionality

- In-depth understanding of point cloud and mesh libraries (PCL, VTK)

- Extensive experience with ROS: C++ nodes, messages, services, actionlibs, roslaunch

- Extensive experience with Git (GitHub, BitBucket)

- A working understanding of robot kinematics and related tools and libraries (Eigen, TF)

- Willingness to debug networking, memory, and/or performance problems over the full stack

- Ability to document and communicate technical work plans

- Demonstrated ability to work well in teams as well as execute individually

- M.S. in Robotics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or other robotics related fields  


Nice to have:

- Ph.D. in Robotics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or other robotics related fields  

- Knowledge and experience with robot arm planning and control

- Experience with SLAM and navigation algorithms  


Based in Boston, this is a great opportunity to get involved with an early stage startup and make an impact developing an innovative new product that makes robotics accessible to more people. Southie is looking for highly-motivated individuals that are passionate about robotics and are able to learn new concepts and methods quickly.  The right team member will be able to clearly communicate goals and expectations with the rest of the team as well as be able to work independently. Self-motivation and respect for other members of the team are key team attributes here at Southie.


Contact  with your qualifications and a brief message about why you are excited about a startup in the collaborative robotics space and where you see yourself within that space.