Southie Autonomy is a startup, based at MassRobotics, building intelligent robot software that enables ANY industrial robot to be re-purposed and re-deployed by ANY person, without robotics expertise or even computer skills. Operators show the robot what to do through augmented reality and the robot then programs itself via artificial intelligence.

Winner of the ABB Robotics Innovation Challenge and the RoboBusiness Pitchfire Competition, Southie enables cost-effective high-mix automation by lowering setup time, cost and skill. Businesses recoup ROI faster especially in variable and shorter batch applications like kit filling, de-palletizing, and physical inspection, through the gesture-based, easy-to-use interface.


Southie is transforming robotic automation by allowing robots to be shown what to do, not how, saving time and money while providing flexibility, even automating tasks that can’t be financially justified without Southie. The Wand, the unique pointer-based interface, provides a novel interaction paradigm between humans and robots so any user has the flexibility to redeploy the robot for new tasks.



Southie’s powerful, patent-pending software removes the cumbersome requirements of meticulously designing work cells as well as the expensive, tedious, expert-level robot programming (for perception, task, control, and motion), so businesses can quickly deploy and redeploy their robot processes (or workflows) in minutes not days. 


Recognition and Press

WINNER of the Verizon 5G Robotics Challenge

WINNER at RoboBusiness PitchFire startup competition

FINALIST in Mercedes-Benz U.S. 2018 Innovation Challenge

WINNER of the ABB Robotics Innovation Challenge

GRAND WINNER at Mass Innovation Nights (MIN) 114

AUDIENCE PRIZE at HubWeek 2018 Demo Day


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SAW is on the right track…. In order to lower cost and skills requirements which will lead to greater cobot adoption, both setup and infrasctructure overhead need to be greatly reduced. Overall productivity will be improved for today’s forward thinkers when they implement flexible systems that involve humans and robots collaborating together.

— Andie Zhang, Global Robotics Product Manager for Collaborative Robots, ABB

[Southie Autonomy is]... providing a solution that lets the manufacturer quickly re-deploy the robot to a new task and new applications in minutes, without needing engineers and programmers, will really fill a need. 

— John Killam, CEO, MassMEP

Southie has taken cutting-edge principles of autonomy and decision-making systems to the real-world, creating a new paradigm for human robot interaction. This breakthrough combines information from human partners with information from the environment to generate reliable physical actions just like autonomous vehicles. Southie has created the most compelling industrial application I’ve seen of using simple gesture-based commands to tell the robot what to do and letting it figure out how." 

— Professor Nicholas Roy, Bisplinghoff Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT

Because we supply mission-critical machined components to the medical, aerospace and defense industries, our personnel are highly trained and valued. As sales volumes increase, we look for ways of utilizing our people for the difficult, high-precision work our customers demand. With Southie Autonomy, it would make sense to have a robot system available for multiple work cells, offloading the more mundane work while providing quick set up and process changeover.

— Michael Tamasi, CEO, AccuRounds

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