Medical test kits orders grow

Kitting medical test kits using humans and cobots


DNA testing has led the charge for DTC medical test kits

Mail orders for everything have reached new levels as have increased demand for home health test kits.

Everything from DNA tests to physician ordered colon cancer screening kits are produced in small batches due to such parameters as shelf life and UPC tracking for FDA regulations. These tests often comprise of several small items, kitted into a in a specially designed packages.

The process requires precise item count, tracking stickers, and can require a combination of
human precision and tedious item picking.  Several times a week, orders for different products are likely scheduled.

Categorizing the process steps into those that require high dexterity — best left for human workers — also led to identifying repetitive pick and sort tasks that are perfect for a cobot that’s loaded with flexible, no-code, Wand software and interface from Southie.

The cobot picks supplies and counts from separate bins on a shelving station that are places them into small bins. The bins roll by a production worker who easily unloads the items into the cavity in the product box, adds the registration cards and bar codes, flips closed the top insert and slides the box in its sleeve.