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Kitting Consumer Packages

Sample, Seasonal and Mail-order Kit Production


We want our personal care products … personalized

Mail orders have reached the traditional consumer packaged goods market and include monthly subscriptions for our favorite clothing, products and toys as well as seasonal specials from CPGs.

While millions of us order things, we want them to be somewhat personalized or unique. This means that the volumes are on the lower side and product mix changes.

In the past, detailed programming would have been required to automate this every time the items or mix changed. This meant that workers lined up and picked the items in their pile, passing the container to another worker who does the same for the next pile.

Categorizing the process steps led to identifying repetitive pick tasks ideal for a cobot with Southie Autonomy’s flexible, no-code Wand software and interface working alongside people.

The cobot picks the required quantity of each item, placing them in slots in the box. The box is moved down a roller conveyor to be closed by the human companion!