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Southie Autonomy has developed a software platform that is robot and cobot agnostic and makes it easy for any worker to set a robot up for a repetitive task, even if it the task is different from the previous day’s work.

We do this through a novel interface that lets the operator use a wand (pointer) with a projected menu (augmented reality) and simple gestures.


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We supply an augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) platform that consists of our software loaded on a processor, a projection system for user guidance and feedback, the robot interface, and a 3D camera so the software can detect the items to be moved by the robot…. plus The Wand controller which provides the point-to-program user interface.

Point to items to be moved then point to the tote, bin, tray or basket where you want the items placed. A few more simple clicks of The Wand over the Menu and the robot takes over.

Alternatively, simple verbal commands may be used instead of the menu.

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Collaborative, Flexible, Lean

When a process is best performed by humans in concert with robots, we can help you design an effective collaborative work environment. We can also help  select the right robot/cobot, gripper, and ancillary equipment in order to deliver this highly flexible, lean, cost effective, and easy to deploy and use tool.

We are pleased to work with system integrators too.